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Customers reviews have been not invented recently, they have been there for a long time. Prior to e-commerce, reports of customer reviews conducted on various services and products used to be published on a magazine known as ‘Consumer Reports Magazine’. At that time, companies, products or services would be rated against elements like affordability, reliability, durability or quality and the respect for product warranties. With the introduction of e-commerce, customer reviews are being conducted online hence the rising number of review websites. Whether they are done online or offline, the bottom line is that customer reviews play a vital role in informing purchase decisions. This is what makes them relevant in the writing industry. With such reviews, students who want to find writing services that are dependable can use them to find such services.

Why Customer Reviews

Students are always at risk of getting conned by sham writing companies because they give work whose performance they do not know. As a result of this, they get products that are written in unprofessional ways by writers who have little or no writing skills at all. This is disappointing to them because their money gets lost and they get poor services. This is why they writing services need to be reviewed by customers. When such reviews are made available, many students will be able to use them to identify writing services that are both credible and dependable. is working to make this a reality because we believe that students deserve to have references can aid their writing service choices.

The Power of Customer Reviews

We are open and glad to have as many students as possible write reviews about writing services that they have used before on With the help of the information that customers provide, we are able to tell which writing customers are most popular and trusted by customers out there. We then make it easy for students to find them by popularizing them on our site.

The way we Rank Companies

We use the ratings that companies get when their performance is measured against factors like quality of final products, customer support, timely submissions and affordability of services. All these are factors that are critical according to students. The ranking system that we use enables us to produce a list that places highly performing companies at the top.

It is based on a numerical score that features a combination of customer reviews and company reviews that we conduct separately. We produce customer reports that show company rankings in a clear manner so that students can spot good companies with easy. This saves them the time and the trouble of browsing through numerous sites online.

Beneficial video about writing industry!

Details in Video

In addition to customer reports, we allow students to access additional information regarding companies that are ranked highly on videos provided below. These videos show students the procedures that orders go through before the end products are generated. We have also made available on this site direct links to some of the most reputable writing companies.